Best DIY Laundry Room Countertop Ideas

diy laundry room countertop

Countertops make laundry less chaotic by providing a spot-treat surface and folding station, plus style and functionality to your washer-and-dryer area. A DIY laundry room countertop project adds style and functionality.

Consider cost and upkeep requirements when selecting the materials for your countertop surface. Natural stones like granite can look luxurious but require constant upkeep, while laminate and quartz options are more budget-friendly and resilient options.

Materials for DIY Laundry Room Countertop

1. Natural Stone

diy laundry room countertop natural stone

An elegant laundry room can be achieved through the addition of a luxurious stone countertop. While natural stones like granite and marble may require sealing and special care to prevent staining and damage, engineered materials like quartz provide durability as well as seamless surfaces perfect for laundry use. Laminate and solid surface countertops also offer similar style benefits while being more cost effective options than natural stone options.

As part of a complete renovation or as an independent stand-in project, homeowners may decide to install laundry room countertops as part of a makeover or as an individual project. Either way, laundry room countertops provide a comfortable surface for folding clothes, sorting and washing items, art projects with kids, ironing clothing or wrapping gifts. Counters placed over washer and dryer units also add storage space for supplies and cleaning products.

Laundry rooms often boast neutral color palettes that match perfectly with different countertop materials, making them the ideal place for installing new countertops. @jennasuedesign has designed her contemporary laundry space using Hanstone quartz from Hyundai with a Coast finish in Coast shade for added elegance to this functional space.

Tile countertops are an increasingly popular choice for laundry room countertops, offering endless design possibilities and being highly resistant to heat and moisture. Ceramic and porcelain tiles in particular make a good fit, as they resist stains and scratches easily – ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants a do-it-yourself solution that is straightforward. It should also be noted that grout needs sealing regularly to look its best.

2. Laminate

diy laundry room countertop - laminate

Laminate flooring is an affordable and long-lasting material suitable for laundry rooms with regular dryer use. Easy to maintain, this material makes laminate an ideal choice for busy laundry rooms of all types – neutral to bold colors alike can add style to your laundry space with laminate’s fashionable flair!

Quartz is another premium laundry room countertop option. This engineered stone boasts all of the beauty found in natural stones such as marble and granite, yet is non-porous to resist staining from detergents and cleaners that often end up on laundry room countertops. Quartz can be costly when installing it yourself as it must be custom cut by a stone fabricator before being installed professionally by an installer.

Butcher block countertops offer an elegant alternative to wood countertops in any kitchen, and can also make an eye-catching statement in a laundry room. This DIY project is straightforward and can completely change its aesthetic; start by marking and locating wall studs before screwing 2x4s onto them using a drill. Once in place, cut 1x2s and 1x8s for cutting out your topper and attach with nail gun and wood glue; after which sand the surface using 120 grit sandpaper before wiping it down with damp cloth before applying coat of polyurethane polyurethane finish!

@homevibesbymark has come up with an ingenious laundry room hack to turn an otherwise inaccessible space above a washer and dryer into an efficient workspace. By flipping up this countertop to reveal ample storage for utility hookups and laundry supplies, they’ve created an efficient space more cohesive overall. This solution only works with front-loading washers and dryers but nonetheless serves to make life simpler in their space.

3. Quartz

A countertop above a washer and dryer provides an indispensable surface for sorting laundry, storing newly washed baskets of clothing, performing other household tasks and updating the space aesthetically. However, selecting an appropriate material ensures your laundry room ideas will both look stylish and be durable over time.

One popular option for counter tops is quartz, which offers the luxurious appearance of natural stones like marble or granite without their maintenance burden due to being non-porous and less susceptible to staining from detergents or other chemicals. Quartz may cost more than other options but will outlive their predecessors over time with proper care.

diy laundry room countertop - quartz

Granite is another high-end material option that provides timeless style that matches many aesthetics, but can be more costly than other options and less suitable for humid areas where stains may occur more easily. Furthermore, due to its heavyweight properties you must carefully consider how best to support its weight in your laundry room.

Corian offers the ideal blend of style and durability. Available in multiple colors and designs to meet any aesthetic, Corian makes an easy solution that is heat resistant.

For those on a tight budget looking for ways to upgrade their laundry room on a tight budget, try @homevibesbymark’s innovative hack. A wooden counter that flips up can serve as extra storage for laundry baskets and supplies you store within. Of course, this DIY laundry room idea only works if you use front-loading appliances, but nonetheless provides an affordable upgrade of any kind to any washroom space.

4. Butcher Block

diy laundry room countertop - butcher block

Butcher block countertops make a striking statement in any laundry room, especially when they’re custom crafted and finished to meet your specifications. Commonly found in kitchens as an eye-catching surface for work stations, butcher block is also suitable for use in laundry rooms and mudrooms.

Wood countertops are durable, customizable and relatively economical compared to other countertop materials; however, in humid environments wood may swell and warp; to protect this investment it’s recommended that a protective sealant is installed around it.

Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman used a butcher block countertop as part of her makeover on her laundry room and shared a tutorial for how to build one herself. She suggests using mineral oil or tung oil on the wood surfaces in order to preserve their look and prevent cracking or warping, with regular oiling sessions on countertops to protect it from drying out; any spills should also be cleared away quickly before they soak into the surface too long.

Utilizing the proper countertops in your laundry room is critical to its organization and efficiency. A laundry room countertop serves as an effective spot-treating area, provides clothes hanging space during washing cycles, or can even act as an ironing station.

Quartz countertops may be ideal if you need something that will withstand heavy use. As non-porous stone, quartz is resistant to staining from detergents and cleaners – though for optimal results it should be professionally cut and installed by a stone fabricator.

5. Concrete

diy laundry room countertop - concrete

Homeowners looking for an eye-catching contemporary design for their laundry room can create a one-of-a-kind workspace by installing concrete countertops. Colored concrete can be colored using color pigments for earthy neutrals or vibrant hues; its texture can also be modified through staining and etching techniques to add visual interest and unique character. Adding special elements such as glass, shells or stones into the mix creates custom designs tailored specifically to you!

Laminate countertops offer homeowners an extensive variety of designs, colors and textures to select from. Their nonporous surface makes for easy erasure when necessary and make laminate an affordable countertop material to consider – perfect for high humidity spaces like laundry rooms. Plus they’re budget friendly!

If your laundry room is large enough to support a standalone counter, make it cozier and more functional by installing wood or butcher block countertops. Both materials offer warm and inviting aesthetics and can be tailored to fit any space or design style imaginable. Although these countertops may require regular sanding and sealing in order to prevent warping, when properly maintained they should last a lifetime!

If you prefer more luxurious touches in your laundry room, Cambria quartz surfaces could be just what’s needed. Offering stunning stone beauty combined with practical benefits that other surfaces cannot match – including nonabsorbency and worry-free maintenance – Cambria comes in various designs to complement any aesthetic from classic to contemporary laundry rooms.

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