A Guide for Exterior Home Repairs

Repaired Exterior of a home

Your home is one of your greatest investments and regularly updating it through exterior renovations can bring many advantages – from increasing curb appeal to cutting down energy costs. Fixing problems immediately as you notice them could even prevent more extensive and expensive repairs in the future.

But, to ensure your renovation project is a success, doing your research beforehand is the key to its success.

What to focus when repairing home exteriors


Roofs are essential features of every home, providing protection from adverse weather conditions and pests. Replacing a roof can be expensive and time consuming, so regular maintenance should be performed to reduce risk and extend its lifespan. Conduct a visual inspection of your home to look for damage and make necessary repairs as soon as possible.

If you have noticed dark streaks on your ceiling, insufficient insulation or leaks in your roof, these could all be indicators that it needs repairs. Left unattended, these issues could quickly worsen, leading to costly repair bills as well as structural damage for your home.

grey roof for exterior home repair

Roofs serve to protect buildings from rain, snow, sunlight, wind and temperature extremes by providing shelter from rain, snow and extremes of temperature. Their construction may take different forms – flat roofs, pitched roofs, vaulted domed or combinations thereof depending on technical, economic and aesthetic considerations.

Working with a contractor when performing exterior home renovations is highly recommended, as doing so will enable you to plan the project efficiently while providing peace of mind that everything will be completed correctly. Furthermore, contractors will often work during non-peak hours, leaving you free to go about your day unhindered by interference from workmen.

Start off your initial inspection of your home by scrutinizing its roof, gutters and siding before venturing inside to evaluate doors and windows that you frequently use. Check if there’s draftiness inside; does it take a while for it to warm up in winter months; are any broken window screens or rotten frames needing replacement; these should all be considered before moving forward with any major work projects on your house.

Exterior remodeling can be an overwhelming task for beginners, but with careful research and hiring professional help you should be able to complete it quickly, smoothly, and within your budget.


Gutters are an often-overlooked part of any home that protects it from water damage. By channeling rainwater away from foundations, walls, basements and fascia boards they help prevent rot in fascia boards or other parts of the house from which rainwater seeps in through foundation cracks or seepage. A poorly functioning gutter system could leave pooling water around your house or seeping into cracks in foundation causing cracks to form; so make sure they’re inspected after storms to identify issues before they become bigger problems!

No matter their material, all gutters can develop holes or cracks over time. When this happens, fixing it quickly is simple with a patch kit available from most hardware stores or roofing contractors – these kits include flashing material for covering holes as well as sealant to keep everything secure in its place.

Minor rust spots are another frequent problem homeowners must tackle. Rust will eventually degrade metal gutters, so to remove it you should use a wire brush to scrub them clean with. Once this task has been accomplished, apply roofing cement over any rust spots to cover them up completely and seal any loose sections with some gutter caulk as soon as possible.

If your gutters are clogged, use a garden hose to flush them out and clear away any debris that has accumulated. Also inspect downspouts for any clogs or blockages; if found use a plumber’s snake to clear it. If this still doesn’t help get your gutters draining then an extension or rain barrel may be needed to help the process along.

Gutter replacement may become necessary when they have been compromised by hail, ice or other forms of weather damage. A professional installation should be sought. When the new gutters have been installed and tested for functionality using a garden hose nozzle – this way you’ll know your system is operating effectively and can direct water away from your foundation.


Siding serves two important functions for homes – protecting rooms from water damage while adding curb appeal. When damaged, siding can make even an otherwise immaculate house appear rundown, and allow energy to escape, leading to higher utility bills and potentially increasing your heating and energy consumption.

Wood, vinyl, fiber cement and stucco sidings can add style and protection to a home. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages – for instance, natural wood siding can be stained or painted for an array of finishes; however it deteriorates rapidly during storms or harsh winter conditions.

Selecting an ideal material for your siding depends on several considerations, including costs, maintenance requirements and durability. Vinyl can be cheap yet attractive while fiber cement costs more but outlives wood due to being long-term and resistant to rot.

exterior home repair

If you’re uncertain of which type of siding will best complement your home, professional help may be invaluable. A home inspector will assess its current state and make suggestions for repairs or upgrades as needed. They’ll look out for any signs of rot, damage to underlayment and backer boards as well as leakage which could cause drywall and insulation deterioration.

When making repairs, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular product. For severe damages, it may be necessary to remove and reattach sections of siding before applying paint – in such instances it would be wise to first use primer as part of the preparation process.

Small divots and holes that measure under an inch in size can usually be repaired quickly with caulk applied via a caulking gun, making this task quick and painless. Once set, this caulk can be painted to blend in seamlessly with existing siding slats; for larger areas however, patch kits might provide the better solution.


Window repairs are often taken for granted. But maintaining their condition for energy efficiency, safety, and visual appeal requires regular inspection. Inspect them at least annually to check for signs they need repair: it feels drafty around windows; opening and closing them is difficult or there are cracks in frames or panels – these could all indicate issues which require repair; in which case professional services should be contacted immediately to make necessary repairs and recommend upgrades as required.

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One effective way to modernize your home is to replace any unnecessary decorative features, faux cladding and ornate trim with simple forms and clean lines that blend better into their surroundings and are easier to maintain and repair. This approach makes life much simpler in your home!

Maintaining the exterior of your home is integral to protecting its value and making sure your family remains comfortable. Watch these videos to learn how to perform common exterior home repairs, from repairing eaves and fascia boards to replacing damaged wood siding or porch columns, plus how to assemble replacement window screens using aluminum frame stock and fiberglass screening material. These projects will help ensure water and snow stay outside, while still allowing conditioned air inside.

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