DIY Closet Ideas That Are Easy

DIY Closet Ideas

Do your closets need an upgrade, or are they becoming disorganized and difficult to manage? These easy DIY closet ideas will make a difference and make keeping clothes and accessories organized simpler than ever! With just a few inexpensive tools needed for this endeavor, these creative hacks will transform the space while making organizing clothes and accessories much simpler!

Craft a shoe closet using trays to keep pairs together and free up floor space, like Practical Perfection suggests. Plus, these handy containers also work great for organizing scarves and purses!

7 Easy DIY Closet Ideas to Help You Organized

1. Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

DIY closet ideas - Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

An over-the-door shoe rack is easy to set up and saves floor space in closets already packed with shoes. Adjustable dividers make this DIY ideal for socks, scarves and other small items – great for linen closets, kid bedrooms or entryways!

Fold your clothes instead of hanging them from rods in this closet to save space for sweaters and dresses, while protecting knit fabrics from creasing. Doing this also creates more room for storage space if knit pieces need to be folded to avoid creasing issues.

Stay organized in any hallway or closet with this DIY shoe rack made of repurposed wine crates. The adjustable dividers make it easier for users to identify which pair belongs where. Furthermore, adding more crates as needed is simple.

Use a bar cart to organize everyday shoes and accessories like hats and socks, with space reserved for off-season shoes and extra bags. Add drawers for off-season pairs if possible. Alternatively, create an off-season dressing room by installing an elaborate vanity into an existing closet; this DIY will take some time but is perfect for guest bedrooms or children’s wardrobes.

2. Bar Cart

DIY closet ideas - Bar Cart

Nothing makes a closet feel disorganized quite like crumpled baseball caps, tangled necklaces or deflated purses piled haphazardly on shelves or the floor. Instead of using up precious space with bins for these items, try hanging them from simple back-of-the-door hangers instead. Blogger Elsie strung clothespins on aluminum wire across her closet door in order to store hats, mittens and other accessories which could otherwise get lost among all the clutter – this idea also works great in laundry rooms or linen closets for extra towels or washcloths.

Are you on a budget but need to upgrade your closet without breaking it? Consider these DIY closet ideas! Simply raise an existing clothing rod above standard height to free up space for more clothes; install another rod beneath to expand storage capacity by twofold; this solution works particularly well in kids’ closets where dresses and skirts should remain at eye-level and easily accessible.

Woodworking enthusiasts should build shelves to store off-season items and less frequently worn clothing in their walk-in closet. Cubby shelves can be tailored to any space and serve as ideal solutions for extra pillowcases in bedroom closets as well as socks, underwear and fabric scraps in linen cabinets.

3. Chalkboard Labels

DIY closet ideas - Chalkboard Labels

Organization of your closet might seem impossible, but there are actually plenty of inexpensive DIY solutions that’ll transform it. From adding color or functionality, these cost-cutting tips will get your wardrobe into tip-top condition!

Chalkboard labels aren’t just limited to children’s crafts: They make for a convenient and entertaining way to label household containers from kitchen pantry items to toy bins. Their erasable black surface makes keeping track of contents easy while their removable adhesive sticks securely to most surfaces but peels cleanly away when you want a change.

If your closet lacks hanger space, consider stagger a lightweight chain along the top to create additional hanging areas. Blogger Lauren uses this strategy to organize her hats, scarves, and bracelets without overstuffing her closet.

Hang a PVC pipe from your closet wall as an accessory rack; this allows everyone in the household to know where their bags, hats and jewelry should go. This idea works particularly well in shared closets because everyone knows where their belongings belong!

4. Hanging Organizers

DIY closet ideas -  Hanging Organizers

Hanging organizers are essential unless you’re lucky enough to own an over-the-door closet, keeping shoes and clothes off the floor and in an organized fashion. From custom made PVC pipes to an existing bar cart, hanging organizers make life simpler when trying on outfits quickly on busy days!

If your closet is large but clothing remains difficult to locate, try labeling each hanger with homemade divider tags. From searching online downloads or creating them yourself, these useful labels can quickly let you know what each hanging item is at a glance – especially useful in distinguishing work attire from off-duty closet items like jeans and T-shirts; finding them will now become much simpler!

Are your scarves becoming wrinkled due to being shoved into drawers without proper storage space? Frame a pegboard as an accessory storage area and add hooks of various heights for scarves, necklaces, belts and purses. Also don’t forget the back of your closet door where a stylish rack could hold hats and flip flops!

5. Shelf Dividers

DIY Closet Ideas  - Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are one of the DIY closet ideas you must try. It can help keep your items organized in an expansive closet by keeping items from piling up or falling over each other. Look for them in the closet organization section of a home improvement center or hardware store – their curled sides safely secure them as you screw into shelves above and below them for stability; use labels to mark which types of items you plan to store (like this blogger who used divider tags to organize her kids’ clothes by month!).

If your linen closet is overrun by blankets, sheets, and towels that pile up easily, try these smart, easy DIY closet ideas to organize them more effectively. Linen can easily become lost among stacked up goods so this system keeps all items visible while protecting against wrinkles.

Add shower curtain hooks to your closet in order to store hats, scarves and other accessories neatly. Nothing looks worse than crumpled baseball caps or tangled necklaces hanging on hangers; so this simple solution helps your accessories remain tidy. In addition, you can purchase curved PVC pipes at most hardware stores to hang purses, bags and other accessory items inside your closet.

6. Organize by Color

DIY Closet Ideas  - Organize by Color

No matter the size or layout of your closet or wardrobe, getting dressed each morning can be a difficult challenge when your clothes are scattered about. Arranging them by color not only looks better but makes finding that ideal outfit that much simpler!

Your clothing should be organized in any order that makes sense to you, whether that means darks to lights, pastels from vibrants or grouping stripes and other patterns with solids in one section and vice versa. Whatever works for you will help simplify choosing outfits each morning!

Keep your color-coded wardrobe looking neat and organized by installing shelf dividers to prevent clothing from shifting around and falling over, and adding uniform hangers for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and to help preserve its shape. Don’t forget your shoes, purses, and other accessories either; matching bins/baskets make organizing these items easy – chalkboard labels on their lids help label what is inside quickly!

7. Matching Baskets

DIY Closet Ideas  - Matching Baskets

No matter the size or style of your closet space, keeping it organized can be challenging once clothes start piling up. Luckily, you can try various DIY closet ideas to help you regain control.

Baskets offer a convenient storage solution. Their variety of sizes, materials and weaves makes them easily adaptable to any decor while being perfect for organizing any room of the home–including bathrooms and pantry shelves.

Use them in the bathroom to organize cleaning supplies and toiletries, or keep laundry room items like deterget, brushes, sponges and more organized and out of sight.

Do not let any space around a closet go to waste! With this clever DIY closet ideas using wire rail and baskets to take advantage of that recessed area behind a door, this DIY closet ideas by Leaf and Lolo can help maximize all of its nooks without cluttering up their beautiful closet with too many extra pillows or blankets – and look beautiful while doing so! Furthermore, matching basket colors also ensures a cohesive and uncluttered aesthetic!

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